The Effect of Gambling

People gamble for many reasons: to win money, socialise or escape from stress. But
for some trusted online casino Malaysia, gambling can become a harmful habit that leads to financial problems and
the breakdown of relationships. There is also a strong link between mental health
and gambling, which can lead to feelings of depression and suicidal thoughts.

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Gambling addiction is often triggered by life events, such as relationship difficulties,
work stress, financial pressures or a traumatic event. Some people also find that
they are more likely to gamble when they are under the influence of alcohol or
drugs. Some people have an underlying personality trait, such as impulsivity, that
puts them at risk of developing a gambling problem. In addition, if they have a
family history of gambling problems, they may be more inclined to develop a
disorder themselves.
Young people are particularly vulnerable to developing a gambling problem. During
adolescence, they are going through many physical and emotional changes, which
can make them more susceptible to gambling. Moreover, they might use gambling
as an attempt to boost their self-esteem and to seek peer approval. In addition,
adolescent brains are not fully developed and they might not have learned healthy
ways to cope with difficult emotions.

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A person’s culture may also play a role in their involvement with gambling. For
example, some ethnic minorities are more prone to developing gambling disorders
than other groups. In addition, the opportunity to gamble increases with age, so
older cohorts are less likely to develop a gambling problem.
The effects of gambling can be far-reaching and affect everyone in a person’s life,
including their family. For example, a gambling addict’s stress levels can rise to
dangerously high levels, which could lead to anxiety disorders or depression.
Similarly, their finances may deteriorate to the point where they are struggling to
keep their house, or even feed themselves. This can put them at risk of
homelessness and can cause serious problems in their relationships.
In severe cases, gambling problems can lead to a feeling of helplessness that can
trigger thoughts of suicide. If you are struggling with these feelings, speak to a
trained mental health professional right away. You can also seek debt advice from
StepChange. There are also support groups that can help you get back on track, and
these services are free of charge. If you’re worried about the impact of gambling on
your family, it’s worth speaking to a professional for help and support. You can
contact StepChange on 0808 234 7141.

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